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Crankshaft Grinding & Repair


Since 1955, Hillcrest Camshaft Service has been supplying diesel engine rebuilders all over the world with precision remanufactured camshafts, fuel injection cams and lifters. The precision machinists at Hillcrest Camshaft Service bring a combined 125 years of hands-on, real-world experience to their craft. Pride in workmanship, dedication to quality and commitment to our longtime customers...that's the recipe for success that has turned this small family-owned business into a world leader in diesel camshafts...and now crankshaft remanufacturing.

Being in the diesel camshaft business for over 50 years, we have been asked many times about crankshaft grinding.  In 1995, with the help of key employees with previous crankshaft grinding experience, we started our crankshaft regrinding department.  We now have 3 crankshaft grinders and are able to grind crankshafts from 6” up to 120” in length.  With the crank grinding, we saw the need for a bullet proof repair process.  We now have that process and it has been proven on thousands of crankshafts over the past 15 years with a less than 1% failure rate.  

We now have a NEW crank facility with increased capacity!!!

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