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Diesel Machine Shop

Hillcrest Camshaft has a Diesel Machine Shop to handle all of your engine rebuilding needs.



Service to Diesel Blocks include:

Cam Bushing Installation

Cylinder Boring

Liner Installation

Top Deck Surfacing

Block Line Boring

Sleeve Removal and Installation


  Complete Cylinder Head Inspections!                       Repair Used or Worn Cylinder Heads!            Non-repairable? We can provide NEW Cylinder Heads!

Services to Cylinder Heads Include:

Magnuflux and Pressure Check


Install Seats and Guides

Valve Re-conditioning

Surface Manifolds

Flywheel Re-surfacing


Connecting Rod Repair

All Connecting Rods are resized by state-of-the art machinery. Bushings are precision machined to size to ensure proper fit and oil clearance. If your connecting rods are non-repairable, we can help provide aftermarket rods either in stock or from our distributors. 


Engine Rebuild Kits

We can provide NEW Diesel Engine Overhaul Kits complete with gasket sets, cylinder kits, bearings and more! Hillcrest Camshaft offers top-of-the line aftermarket engine parts and complete kits at an unbeatable price. Visit our Shop Parts page to see available stock items or Contact our Parts Department to recieve a quote today!


Call Hillcrest Camshaft and Diesel Machine Shop today at 1-800-832-4859 for all of your diesel engine rebuilding, camshaft or crankshaft grinding needs.

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