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New Camshafts

Hillcrest Camshaft Service can not only supply you with the best remanufactured camshaft on the market but also with new aftermarket camshafts on the shelf ready to ship immediately. See what camshafts we have available by giving us a call or email today!
Hillcrest Camshaft Service is happy to now offer NEW Cummins ISX Valve Camshafts! In stock and ready to go, we can offer both the single overhead valve camshaft #4298629 or the ISX Valve camshaft #4298626 (4059331).
We are also excited to offer NEW International DT466E Camshafts! 
The camshaft part numbers available following:
Part Number: 1850153C2
Part Number: 1836156C5
Contact us today to recieve a quotation and see how we can help you with any of your camshaft repair or replacing needs! 


NEW EMD Camshafts

Make Model Part Number
EMD V16 , 710G 40038690
EMD V16, 710G 40039643
EMD V16, 710 40109859
EMD V16, 645 40039494
EMD V12, 710 40048087
EMD V12, 710 40048169
EMD V12, 645 40039499
EMD V12. 645 40039500
EMD 645 8419849
EMD V12, 645 9318994
EMD V12, 645 9318995
EMD V16 9319320
EMD V12, 710G 9564357
EMD Stub Shaft 8028361
EMD Stub Shaft 8028482
EMD Stub Shaft 8028483
EMD Stub Shaft 8028610
EMD Stub Shaft 8070749
EMD Stub Shaft 8241971
EMD Stub Shaft 8241972
EMD Stub Shaft 8241973
EMD Stub Shaft 8241974
EMD Spacer Shaft 8028637
EMD Spacer Shaft 8028638
EMD Spacer Shaft 8028975
EMD Spacer Shaft 8028481



Hillcrest Camshaft can also offer NEW EMD Locomotive camshafts and stub shafts! We have taken our 50 years of camshaft experience and applied it to the design of our new camshafts. We offer a variety of 16 and 12 cylinder camshafts for models such as, 645 and 710.

Contact us today to see how we can help!






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