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Diesel Machine Shop

Hillcrest Camshaft has a Diesel Machine Shop to handle all of your Diesel rebuilding needs.

We perform the following on your diesel block:

  • Cam Bushing Installation
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Liner Installation
  • Top Deck Surfacing
  • Block Line Boring
  • Sleeve Removal and Installation





We offer complete Diesel Head rebuilding and new replacements.

Services include:

  • Magnaflux and Pressure Check
  • Surfacing
  • Installation of Seats and Guides
  • Valve Re-conditioning
  • Surface Manifolds
  • Flywheel Re-surfacing





Connecting rod repair:

All Connecting Rods are resized by state-of-the art machinery.  All Bushings are precision machined to size to ensure proper fit and oil clearance.

Call Hillcrest Camshaft and Diesel Machine Shop today at 1-800-832-4859 for all of your diesel engine rebuilding, camshaft or crankshaft grinding needs.

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